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There are 2 kinds of people in today’s digital age- those who open all of their emails and those who don’t. But, when nearly 200 billion emails are sent out every day worldwide, and 84% of these emails are considered spam, can we really expect everyone to open every single email they receive?

Knowing how to frame your emails to attract readers to open and read your emails is key to making sure your emails don’t go unnoticed. Here are some tips and tricks to make your emails stand out:

Subject Lines Matter When sending out emails to clients, avoid making subject lines that sound almost too good to be true or are overused.  Subject lines with words such as free, help, percent off, and reminder statistically have lower open rates and are more likely to go right to a spam folder. Instead, your subject line should focus on being proactive, relevant and personal. You want the client to feel like the email was written just for them, and that they aren’t part of a large email distribution list.

Make It Pretty Graphics, the use of color, and bolding fonts are key when it comes to the content of emails. Using bullet points, charts and large fonts to highlight the main messages of the email are a great way to attract attention and encourage readership. People want to look at things that are dynamic and interesting, so any unique way that you can convey your message will help you keep your readers.

The Email Should Be From You People are more likely to read an email from a friend- someone they know and care out. You want your clients to think of you as their friend and that means that emails should come from you directly, and not a company generic email address. You can easily adjust how the email address will appear to receivers by going to your email settings. Make sure that your emails are coming from an actual name and not your company’s name.

Timing is Everything Chances are, your company does not need to be sending out emails every day… your clients will likely start to lose interest. Sending out too many emails will put your emails on the spam list, but sending out too few emails won’t consistently engage clients. You want your emails to be consistent and timely. Find a schedule and rhythm that works for you and your clients and stick too it. Clients shouldn’t be surprised when they get an email from you and they should be excited to open the message and see what new information you have for them.

Educate and Market Email is a great opportunity to not only market your company, but also educate and inform you clients about your area of expertise and teach them something. As a general rule of thumb, your emails should be 80% informative, and 20% marketing. Essentially, every email shouldn’t be trying to sell a product or service, rather emails should focus on further developing relationships with clients and educating and informing them.

Short and Simple With over 25% of emails being opened on mobile devices, brevity should be a focus. You want your emails to be mobile and desktop friendly, so focus on making your emails concise and to the point. Using a tool like Litmus can allow you to preview emails and see how they will appear on mobile and desktop devices. You could also just do a test email by sending it to yourself- make sure you look at how the email will appear on mobile and desktop devices.

At Graham Media Partners, we are focused on creating and developing content that will engage and interest your clients. From emails to blog posts to newsletters and website creation, we can help you positively engage with your clients. Give us a call today at 610.688.2060 and we can get started.

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