Jun 29

posted by: Lisa Graham
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With the New Year came resolutions of many types – eating healthier, staying in touch with family members, saving money, etc. You may have created goals for your business as well, including increasing your company’s social media presence. Six months have passed since those goals were set and now you may find yourself needing a social media tune-up.

With the power of the analytics function provided by many of the biggest social media platforms, identifying your successes and failures is that much easier. Check out some of the key areas you should reassess in order to keep up your resolution throughout the entire year.

Analyze your target audience

While establishing your businesses’ goals are important, you must also spend time analyzing the individuals you’re trying to connect with. Since establishing your social media accounts, this audience may have changed in regards to age, gender, demographics, etc. Once you identify your audience you can create specific content for each channel and increase overall relatability.

Acknowledge your most successful posts

Examining the success of your posts is crucial in identifying what is attractive to your audience and what isn’t quite making the cut. If you see a certain topic trending at a higher rate than other posts, research and continue to post similar content. While you want to emphasize on this success, you also don’t want to find yourself over posting about the same topic. Check out websites such as http://buzzsumo.com/ to help you identify what content performs best for your company.

Understand the power of sharing

For any business, one of the main goals of establishing a social media presence is to increase outreach to potential customers. If you don’t see a great follower increase from month-to-month, your content may only be reaching current clients. To get over this hump, ask employees to share your content with their network. Reaching hundreds (and in some cases even thousands of people) is as simple as pressing “share”.

No matter the size of your business, having a social media presence is extremely important in this day and age. From increasing credibility to gaining customers, social media platforms can give your business the edge it needs in order to remain successful against competitors. Take some time to analyze your presence and revamp your strategy accordingly!

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