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In our previous blog post, we discussed our process for working with our clients to develop and execute customized marketing, social media, and public relations strategies.

Today we’re sharing an example of that process in action, helping one client, Walz IT, rebrand itself for an upcoming event.

Overview and Challenge

Walz IT, LLC, is a young technology consulting firm with seasoned tech professionals. It is an affiliated company of the Walz Group. Founded in 1978, Walz Group provides business and financial services out of its Lancaster, PA headquarters.

Walz IT reached out to Graham Media Partners, and our design studio CWP, for help in establishing its brand. Although the company was up and running, they did not yet have any branding or web presence, and they still needed to finalize their company name and tagline.

The company was attending a regional event in Lancaster, where many of their key contacts would be present, and they wanted to debut their new brand there. The challenge? The event was only five business days away.


After an initial exploration with Walz IT to better understand the company’s personality, style, and goals, we finalized their name and tagline. With this (big) step complete, we then created multiple options for potential logos, taking into account their preferences. One notable preference was that the Walz IT logo need to coordinate with the Walz Group logo, but also make it clear that these are two separate companies. After a few revisions, we finalized their logo and style sheet on day 2.

We then moved onto their business cards, again following the same process of offering several options and time for revisions. Once the cards were finalized, we coordinated printing with a local, family-owned printer.

Finally, we created their announcement card, which would also be the basis for the “Coming Soon” page on their new website, built using the WordPress content management system. We had a busy week, but it was all worth it when we met the deadline and Walz IT was able to show off their new materials at the regional event.


That’s just our side of the story, here’s what Walz IT has to say about the engagement:

“Graham Media Partners and CWP Design Studio act as our outsourced marketing and design team, providing marketing, social media, PR, event support and creative services for Walz IT.

Lisa, Steve, and Corey hit the ground running and developed our logo, launched our new website, developed collateral materials, conducted proactive press outreach, and more. We find their team to be very responsive, easy to work with, and we recommend them to our contacts.” – Bill Hicks, President, Walz IT, LLC

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