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Facebook advertising gives businesses the opportunity to create and promote custom content to targeted audiences. Although the social-media platform is known for its advertising advantages, that doesn’t necessarily mean that businesses are using it properly. Check out our tips for creating successful Facebook ad campaigns: 

Determine your objective

Before you begin to develop your ad, you should make sure that you have a clear objective in mind. Your content, budget, and target audience, which will come next in the process, are all dependent on what you decide to promote – and why. You can choose from many different objectives, all of which are broadly categorized as awareness, consideration, or conversion. 

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Understand your audience

If you haven’t used Facebook’s Audience Insights tool yet, you need to. Rather than risking your budget by targeting the wrong individuals, this tool will tell you who your target market is, based on people who already view and like your page. Through data collection, you can learn your audience’s locations, interests, and behaviors in order to create messages most relevant to them.

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Connect your ads to landing pages

Especially if your objective is to specifically increase engagement with your website or convert leads, you’ll want to connect your ads to landing pages. For example, if your ad makes reference to a product your business provides, you may decide to direct the audience to a custom landing page that features product information and form they can fill out for a coupon code to use on that product. Simply sending your audience to your homepage – or any other page – without a clear call-to-action not only wastes your budget, but your time as well.

Use eye-catching photos

While the copy within your ad is important, you will need something to grab your target audience’s attention as they scroll through their News Feed. Images of your business, product, or service may be the first choice for your ad, but consider images that are specific to your objective as well. While original imagery is ideal, you may consider stock photo websites such as Pexels or Stock Snap. If you use stock photography, we recommend that you take those stock photos one step further, customizing them with text or other design features that will stand out on a crowded platform.

Establish a budget

Facebook’s Optimized CPM is a bid type that targets audiences who are more likely to take the action that you want. Paying for impressions, your bid will adjust based on your advertising objective without spending more than your budget. While you can opt out of using the optimized CPM feature, keep in mind that the system may spend more than your target bid in its attempt to fulfill your desired objective.Screen Shot 2016-11-16 at 10.43.23 AM

Analyze your ad report

Creating your ad is just one part of the process. Once the ad is live, you will want to analyze the “Ads Reporting” tool to see the successes (and failures) of your campaign. The report includes data on the reach, frequency, and impressions of the ad. Making the tool even more useful, Facebook allows businesses to export the report for a more in-depth analysis.

Facebook offers businesses much more than they may be aware of, and given that it is a crowded platform, you should consider taking advantage of these options. If you’ve already invested time in building a Business Page, consider taking the next step in promoting your content and increasing traffic to your website by using Facebook’s ad feature. We’re always here to help!

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