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Thanks to Pinterest, the act of “pinning” has transformed in the past decade from individuals physically pinning notes and ideas to fridges and bulletin boards to now digitally pinning images online. Deeming itself “the world’s catalog of ideas,” Pinterest users can pin photos, videos, and other content – from Pinterest itself or other sites online – into collections called boards. You can find a pin on Pinterest for almost anything, with categories ranging from DIY and crafts to technology to health and fitness. In fact, there are 30 billion pins and more than 750 million boards to help find what you are looking for – or to give you inspiration if you’re just browsing for fun!

But, when it comes to selecting social media channels for marketing, Pinterest often gets the short end of the stick. We’re here to encourage you to give Pinterest a second change because, while it may come as a surprise, Pinterest is one of the fastest growing by overall member growth and is a leading source of information for consumers. With more than 70 million users from around the world[1], every B2C business should really be taking advantage of the platform to share its content more broadly.

Check out our tips for getting started with Pinterest:

Clearly identify your brand

As with any social media platform, creating a profile is the first step. Take time to properly identify your company through your logo, profile name, and profile description. Not only does this help with brand awareness, it also helps build your SEO or visibility in organic search engine results, which is explained in even more detailed here.

Stay organized

While the more pins the better – in terms of broadcasting your brand – it is important to stay organized so that your content is easy to find and consume. Implement a strategy for creating boards that make sense for the pins you’re sharing. And, don’t forget to write a simple, concise description for each board explaining its purpose.

Create content with your target audience in mind

Now it’s all about the content you’re sharing! Make sure to produce content that will be of interest to people – something they might actually search for and save. Compelling content will also make your visitors more likely to follow your profile long-term. Find out what people like with Pinterest’s analytics tool, which can help you identify your most successful posts through a collection of data such as impressions, clicks, saves, and likes.

This is just the beginning. Any social media platform requires careful maintenance, on-going adjustments, and a strategy for success. If your business is interested in learning more about how Pinterest could play a role in marketing, let us know! We’re happy to assess your situation and offer some suggestions.



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