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If you think social media marketing is simply a supplement to traditional advertising, think again! With the increased prominence of social networking platforms over the past decade, companies who aren’t investing in this crucial area are missing out.

Both tactics are valuable – when used appropriately – but in order for them to be effective, you need to first understand the key differences between them:

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Depending on your priorities, you may want to consider incorporating social media marketing into your overall communications plan. Check out the benefits below and decide if they align with your organization’s current goals.

 Brand Development

Social media is an opportunity to foster brand awareness with consumers. The more consumers see and become familiar with your brand, the more they will come to trust you – and the more likely they are to use your services.

But, with brands running to social media, it’s important to be strategic and creative to stand out from the competition. Stay consistent with your brand, but try to embody your company’s unique culture so that consumers stay engaged!

Measurable Results

These days, social media platforms have robust analytics tools that allow you to track performance and make adjustments on an ongoing basis. As long as you clearly identify your goals before getting started, you can prove the return on investment for your activities, sharing that information with key stakeholders in your organization.

Beyond the Numbers

Two-way communication through social media marketing allows companies to connect with consumers on a more personal level than traditional advertising. This humanization between brand and consumer helps to build brand loyalty, but it can be tricky to execute. Make sure you have a style guide and social media guidelines in place so that those speaking on behalf of the company are appropriately representing your culture and ideals.

While traditional advertising is still very much alive, social media marketing has taken strides to advance businesses of every size in recent years. If you need assistance to ensure that your social media tactics best support your overall strategy, let our team at GMP help!

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