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By: Corey Pontz

Your website is your first impression. When a potential client, customer, or new employee visits your site, it’s essential that their experience is flawless, and that they come away feeling enthusiastic about your company.

To do that you need to make sure that your site doesn’t fall behind the times. The modern web user is savvy and has less patience than ever. They will find mistakes and judge your business on them.

Fortunately, our very knowledgeable web design partner, Corey Pontz of CWP Design Studio, is sharing six of the most important trends in web design that you need to look out for this year – because your customers will be looking out for them!

1. Be Direct

Web users like to get onto a site and get the information they want quickly. When someone has to fish around for what they’re looking for, that tends to be the jump-off point. They will find another website with the same information or product/service that is easier to navigate.

In response, sites are going to be increasingly minimal and direct. Text-heavy and cluttered pages are a thing of the past.

2. Animations

In keeping with the “being direct trend”, animations should not be used to be flashy, but should be purposeful and memorable. This year, you’ll see more animated logos and scroll-triggered graphics. As users scroll, images will animate, which incentivizes scrolling down the page … and keeps users on the site longer.

Also, subtle animation (like content blocks slowly appearing or sliding up on a site) is becoming a common way to give a sleeker, more polished look rather than a static page.

3. Microinteractions

Just as Facebook started allowing the option to choose from several reactions to friend’s posts, users are going to start seeing the ability to choose how they interact with webpages. There will be a growth in seamless interactions that allow users to take multiple actions without navigating to a new page.

4. Sticky Bottom Nav

You’ve probably seen the top navigation bar stick at the top of the page as you scroll down. Now, you’ll see bottom bars stay fixed as well or instead of the top navigation bar.

Whether it’s the top or bottom navigation bar, having it available at all times makes it easier and quicker for users to navigate through a site.

5. Variable Fonts

Variable fonts, which are a single font file that behaves like multiple fonts, are now becoming popular. Text is getting more emphasis across the web – it’s being increasingly used as a visual aid rather than just supporting content. Be ready to see words that change shape and design.

6. Chatbots

Bots … are … everywhere. These little virtual helpers allow users to ask the site questions, which will help customize the browsing experience.

Instead of slowly clicking through a site or using a search bar to try and find what you want, bots allow users to simply type in or speak a question and it will lead them to where they want to go.

These are especially popular for B2C e-commerce sites. Example: “I’m looking for leopard pump heels.”

How You Can Keep Up

It’s vital that your site looks and feels as relevant and innovative as your company is. But with changes happening faster than ever and users expecting perfection on every site they visit, it’s understandable to feel overwhelmed.

That’s why working with a talented web designer and an experienced digital marketer can make your life so much easier.

To learn more about Corey and her team, check out her company’s website. And if you want to make sure your entire digital marketing effort is as good as it can be to take advantage of your website, we’re here to help.


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