Mar 27

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A recent article on highlighted the impact that smartphones and social media are having on museums.

The article discussed how the de Young Museum in San Francisco has had to implement “photo-free” hours to curb the crowding caused by hordes of selfie-taking art enthusiasts. In fact, in an effort to deal with this new reality, the museum has created a specific selfie-taking area in their foyer for visitors to get their fix.

The article went on to note a startup that is working on an augmented reality app to help museums capture the attention of this new type of customer – a customer that experiences almost everything through or in conjunction with their smartphones.

The fact is that this type of customer is becoming the new norm across all industries and service areas. So, the question is, have you considered how to best communicate with and appeal to smartphone-dependent consumers?

Smartphone-ing Your Business

Here are a few of the ways that we suggest you make your business smartphone friendly.


The first and probably most important thing to do is to make sure that your website is up-to-date and mobile friendly. This means that factors like font size, image resolution, your WordPress plugins, and even location of links are easily adaptable to a smartphone.

Beyond appearance, it should also include numerous, intuitive calls-to-action to encourage your website’s visitors to take the next step through the sales funnel. Those calls-to-action must be easily scannable, since your site visitor is probably scrolling through on a touchscreen.

Social Media

Luckily, social media platforms are highly mobile-friendly and filled with your potential customers. By properly utilizing the tools provided by social channels, you can keep in contact with your customers via their smartphones, fostering long-lasting relationships.

Depending on your business and industry, the platforms you should choose can vary. In a couple of our recent blog posts we discussed how you can effectively take advantage of LinkedIn and Facebook to meet your business goals, but don’t discount the capabilities of Instagram, Twitter, and even Pinterest. Each has its own strengths and can be used to effectively grow a customer base.

Adapt According to Your Industry

Whether you own a chain of retail tire stores or a financial advisory firm, the fact of the matter is that a fast-growing majority of your customers will not only want to, but will demand to interact with your business on their smartphone. However, the degree and character of that demand can vary based on your industry.

Similar to your choice of social platform, you must strategically decide how to best ensure that your business is mobile friendly. Whether that means setting up selfie stations in the foyer of your business or choosing to stick with a simple and consistent LinkedIn presence, your buy-in to mobile is necessary.

We can help make sure that your business is prepared to face the future of the smartphone. Contact us today and let’s discuss how you can get started.

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