Launched in 2003 and currently boasting more than 380 million members, LinkedIn is the most popular social network for professionals and the third most popular social network in terms of unique visitors (behind Facebook and Twitter). Although it is primarily a career-focused platform, allowing people to connect and share content with colleagues, potential employers, business partners, and new employees, it also serves as a hub for national and international news and thought leadership across verticals.

In addition to personal profiles with professional details and achievements, there are also company profiles, which help promote brand awareness, lead generation, and thought leadership. Ultimately, you’re the biggest advocate your company has – so your interaction and engagement on LinkedIn is important.

Does My Involvement Really Matter?

Yes! LinkedIn is beneficial both personally and professionally, and the more involved you are personally, the more it helps the company! By being active on LinkedIn, you help to:

  • Promote brand awareness of your company
  • Establish company credibility
  • Reinforce company goals

Ultimately, LinkedIn provides direct access to the executives your company is trying to reach.

What’s It All About?

Connection: You can connect with people, as well as follow influencers (Bill Gates), publications (Forbes), and companies (Graham Media Partners). This means that their updates will show up in the feed on your homepage.

Interaction: Not only can you read updates – you can also interact with them. You can “like”, “comment”, or “share” them, and that that interaction is public. This increases your personal visibility and can help you stand out as a thought leader or credible source within your industry.

Posting: You can post your own updates on LinkedIn – and your connections can interact with them.

Influence: Social media is a numbers game. When people interact with your posts, your content will appear in front of more people. LinkedIn uses an algorithm to determine who sees what content. Posts with more shares, likes, and comments will be flagged as important and will show up on more users’ homepages. This means that your engagement with company content matters because it helps to make it more visible to your existing followers, as well as their connections.

Step 1 – Connect with Coworkers

We encourage you to connect with all the coworkers on your team (if you work for a big company) or everyone in your business (if you work for a smaller company). Now you’ll be more likely to receive their updates in your feed and more easily interact with them.

Step 2 – Connect with Past and Present Clients (and Partners)

We encourage you to connect with all of your clients – past and present – as well as partners. When you send a connection request, you have the option of sending a short note. While LinkedIn auto-populates this with a message, we suggest that you change this to a personal greeting. By connecting with these people (coworkers, clients, and partners), you’ll see their updates and vice versa. This means that they’ll be more likely to see and engage with your updates – and with company updates.

Step 3 – Join Relevant Groups

There are groups on LinkedIn that cover an array of topics. Find and join one or two that interest you. The conversations may prove useful or educational, and you’ll also be able to share your own content (or company content) – just be careful to never be sales-y!

Step 4 – Check in on a Regular Basis

LinkedIn is just one more thing on your ever-growing to-do list, but it doesn’t need to take up all of your time in order to be effective. Set a calendar reminder to check in via the website or app once a day, or even just once a week. You’ll feel more in the loop with the industry, the company, and your sales targets.

  • Scroll through the feed on your homepage and interact by leaving a comment or liking something – be on the lookout for client updates!
  • Check out the company page for new updates. Interact with or share a post!
  • Have you written an article or blog post recently? Share it! You can:
    • Find the company status update and share it.
    • Post your own status update and tag or @mention other users and or the company (similar to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram). That user/company will get alerted that you mentioned them, and their name will also link to their profile/page in the status update itself.

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