Start fresh this spring. Your company’s online presence can get cluttered and out-of-date, so taking the time to check in and refresh it will help you stay organized, on brand, and ready for any potential visitors that may come your way.

Take a deep breath because you may be surprised by just how much updating there is to be done, especially when you take a look at the more nitty-gritty areas of your profiles. While the more popular social channels – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter – all serve different purposes, the sections that you should evaluate on each are very similar.

So, roll up your sleeves and check out our social media housekeeping tips below to make sure that your accounts are getting the attention they deserve.

Refresh Design Assets

The first thing people tend to see on your social pages are your profile picture and header photo. Updating this imagery brings a fresh look to your page and gives you the opportunity to tell a new story (or promote a new campaign).

While we recommend that your profile picture remain a simple representation of your company for increased brand recognition, you can be more creative with your cover photo. Whether you update the photo based on the season or use it to market an upcoming event, this space is like a billboard for your visitors – so draw attention to whatever it is you want them to notice.

Update Profile Descriptions

When is the last time you looked at the “About” sections on your profiles? If it has been a while, it’s time to get to work. Consider if there is any new messaging you should include or update and if there are any changes to the basic information you share, such as phone numbers and email addresses.

Many businesses like to showcase how many years they have been in the industry (“We’ve been helping clients for 40 years!”), which is great – but keep in mind that this is information that you will have to update with each new year. If you don’t think you’ll be able to remember to update this, you might be better off listing a specific year (“We’ve been helping clients since 1990.”)!

Freshen Up Your Strategy

Here’s where you really should consider taking a deeper dive into your profiles. Hopefully you’ve been diligently tracking data from your platforms that will give you a sense of what content has been most successful and what you can do without moving forward. Use this information to outline a plan for the next quarter (or six months) for the type of content you plan to post. You may also consider looking at your competitor’s social pages for content inspiration.

If your page lacks a consistent theme, whether it be in terms of the content or graphics, get back to the drawing board. Since your team knows your business best, use their insight to brainstorm new topics and create template images that most accurately reflect your company.

While the idea of “spring cleaning” may be intimidating, especially when it comes to your social media pages, it is necessary! Set aside some time to look over your accounts so that current clients and potential clients alike get the most from your online presence.

If this is too daunting, let our team at Graham Media Partners help you! Contact us for information on our brand management services.

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