Mar 25

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This time last year I was abroad in Italy taking classes and interning at the Vatican. I had finally begun to find my footing in this new country and, yet, I was still thinking forward to the next steps in my professional career. After my experience at the Vatican, I knew that I wanted a job with a lot of responsibility. I wanted to work hard with a team who would push me to succeed.

As I was searching for a summer internship, I came across GMP. The opportunity seemed perfect and, soon enough, I had acquired an interview with the team. Within the first few seconds of the call, Lisa and Sarah reaffirmed my intuitions about the internship. From the minute I answered the call I felt comfortable, supported, and knew that this would be an opportunity that would give me the experiences I needed to enter the professional realm.

My time as a Client Engagement Associate has immersed me into the world of marketing. I am actively creating content, collecting insights, and building strategies based on those insights. I originally had intended to simply find an internship for the summer, but it has now become a year-long transformative journey with an amazing team. I don’t think I could have found a better opportunity and I am grateful for the relationships I built, the mentorship I acquired, and the content I was able to produce.

As I prepare for graduation, I am confident that I am ready for a full-time job, equipped with the knowledge and support I received at GMP.

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