In our latest blog, we discussed the importance and effectiveness of email marketing for your business. If we convinced you to invest in such a strategy, you may be wondering how to proceed. You can, of course, outsource this activity with GMP (or another agency), but if that’s not currently in your budget, you can manage your own email marketing activities in-house.

The first step is choosing an email marketing services – there are a number of them available, including MailChimp, iContact, Constant Contact, etc. Once you secure the service, our tips below can help elevate your strategy to successfully reach your audience and retain their interest.

Concise Content

Brevity is key. No one has time to read long, wordy emails. Choose a topic with a specific outcome in mind (what action do you want the reader to take after consuming the content?). Write your email while focusing on that outcome, keeping it concise and to the point. An extensive email with varying topics will most likely disengage your audience. We recommend creating a content calendar so that you can plan out topics in advance. If you have more to say than what can fit in your email, check out the next tip below!

Social Media Links

In our previous blog we highlighted email marketing’s ability to generate increased interaction with your business’ social media accounts. Since you can only fit so much content into these emails, take advantage of your social accounts and direct your audience to more information through links.

Consider Timing

As with social media posts, knowing when to schedule your email campaigns is key to attaining the open/click rates that you want. While Monday through Thursday tend to have consistent open rates, you will find that sending campaigns on Friday and throughout the weekend will noticeably lower these rates. The best time of day to send these emails is midmorning so that you avoid the early morning “email-dump.”[1] The analytics function within your email service often has its own set of best practices in terms of selecting a time to send your email. Try several different days and times and track which has the best results for your company, and then apply that knowledge moving forward.

Target Specific Demographics

One of the benefits of email marketing services is the ability to create specific mailing lists. If your business caters to an array of audiences, you may want to consider creating content for different demographics. This will keep audiences engaged and potentially increase the success of your call to action.

Personalized Templates

While the content of the email will change from campaign to campaign, it is to your company’s benefit to use a consistent template. This uniformity will create familiarity and help develop brand recognition amongst your audience. Templates will also save you time, which is an added plus! Your company logo, contact information, and links to social media accounts are key elements of a template.


Before you launch hundreds of emails, make sure to send yourself and other co-workers a test email. Imagine yourself as someone in your audience and think about the following: Does the subject line grab your attention? Is the content relevant (for the audience you plan to send to)? Can you easily identify the call to action and contact information?

There are so many marketing strategies to choose from to reach your customers, but email marketing is one of the most effective. Make sure you follow these best practices to ensure success – and let us know if you need help.


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