There’s a lot that goes into running a business and ensuring its success. While some things are obvious priorities (finances, internal structure, etc.), others may seem easier to ignore, or the ROI is less obvious. Your company’s brand is one of those things that may not seem all that important – but your brand is your company; it’s what separates you from your competitors and helps to keep you top-of-mind with consumers. Branding encompasses a range of things, but your logo, in particular, is crucial. Here’s why:

First Impression

In most cases, your logo is the first thing that potential clients see. It is on every piece of collateral, including business cards, sales decks, brochures, etc. Your logo should create a lasting impression by capturing the attention of your audience and resonating with them.

Communicates Who You Are

Your logo is essentially an extension of your messaging, so a good logo should need very little explanation. Design something that showcases your company’s industry and values, but keep in mind that simplicity goes a long way.

Visible Everywhere

Your logo will be seen by potential clients, competitors, and anyone else who interacts with it, and it will also be seen day in and day out by you and your team members. More than anyone else, you want your team to buy into your brand, so ask for feedback to find out if your employees feel like your design is an ideal representation of your company.

Keep in mind that these tips are applicable for companies creating their first logo, as well as those with existing logos. Every few years you should evaluate your branding and consider if any updates should be made. These are just a few noteworthy examples of logo rebranding:

Picture2 Picture3 Picture1

Contact our team at Graham Media Partners for help in designing a quality, engaging logo that visibly communicates your brand identity with others.

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