If you read our previous blog, you know all about the tools we use at work every day to do our jobs effectively and efficiently. But, we rely on a lot of tools outside of the office as well – to keep us organized, get in a good laugh, or entertain our kids! Check out our list below and see if you find anything new worth trying!

Google Keep
I use Google Keep every day. It’s basically an app to make lists or write down notes. You can share the lists with other people, and then you can both update them in real time – like any Google document. I keep track of a variety of information in the app, but my boyfriend and I use it for our general shopping and grocery lists. We both have access to the lists at all times, and we can easily pull them up when we’re at the store – whether we’re together or not.
 – Sarah Weddle, Vice President

 YouTube Kids
Crazy toddler screaming during dinner? Check out YouTube Kids. It is safe and simple for kids to find their favorite shows and music, and they love it! They generally have very wholesome and educational content, and you can block the weird stuff like Zool Babies … creepy.
 – Steve Graham, Co-Founder and COO

I use this app to schedule workouts at a local studio, Tribe. By going into the app and reserving classes, it makes me more likely to go. Once it’s on my calendar and booked, I can arrange other things in my schedule around it. By the way, if you’re local and haven’t heard of Tribe, it’s in Devon and they have great 30-minute classes. You can do anything for 30 minutes, right?
 – Lisa Graham, Co-Founder and CEO

I pretty much use Waze every day. I travel often and commute frequently on 76, 202, and 476. Waze provides me with real-time traffic updates and finds the route with the shortest travel time. Traffic is a pet peeve of mine, so I would rather drive a little further out of the way than be stuck in a pile up on the highway. Plus—I like to explore new places and Waze will often take me on back roads that I never knew existed.
 – Susan Venema, Senior Account Executive

I use Twitter on a daily basis. One of the most relevant features of the app are the “trends” and “What’s Happening” tabs. Besides viewing jokes, reactions, and updates from the people I follow on my homepage; the trends/moments tab keeps me up to date on current events. Although factual information on these news events are slim, it is filled with hundreds of reactions from the public, which are interesting to read.
 – Tara Lally, Client Engagement Associate

I use Pinterest almost every day. I use it for a lot of things, including work. For work I use it as inspiration for design ideas. Personally, I use it for recipes, illustration inspiration, home design and improvements, crafts, and finding new clothes. I also just love to scroll through and find new and interesting things.
 – Addison Ingraham, Graphic Designer

I probably open my Spotify app 4-6x times a day. It is amazing to have so much music at my fingertips. Our daughters (2 and 4) know they can ask to hear almost anything and I can pull it up for them, so music has become a really big part of our lives, which is important to me. We’ve also discovered a wealth of kid’s audiobooks, so it is also helping with our love of reading and is a great tool for quiet time.
 – Rachel Colello, Director

I use Venmo more than I would like to admit. It seems like no one wants to carry around cash anymore, so when my friends text me and ask if I want anything from Chipotle, I can just send them the money to pay for it right away. The best update they made to the app was allowing for an instant deposit in your bank account. You previously had to wait approximately three or four business days for the app to make the transfer. Even if you don’t transfer to your bank, you can keep the money someone sends to you in Venmo and have an available balance that you can use to buy Chipotle without pulling money out of your bank!
 – Lauren Hanna, Client Engagement Associate

As always, we would love to hear your feedback or recommendations for new platforms we could use, whether it be marketing related or something to keep us entertained! Contact us today and let us know what applications we should try out!

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