What do you do when you think of a product or service you need? You Google it. Then, you most likely choose one of the results from the first page.

Many businesses spend a lot of money on search engine optimization (SEO) to make sure that their website is at the top of those search results. However, the costs associated with an SEO campaign often aren’t feasible for most companies.

Luckily, there’s an easier solution.

Content marketing. Content marketing is a cost-effective method to not only boost your website’s SEO, but to also improve your company’s digital presence.

What Is Content Marketing?

It’s, essentially, the creation of written or visual materials that your potential customer will find both interesting and valuable. The goal is to create something that will resonate with your visitors, so that when it’s time to buy or use your product or service, they think of you.

Technically these materials can be anything from a blog, to online videos, or even a coffee table book. However, only written, digital content can have a positive effect on SEO.

How Content Marketing Can Affect SEO

Search engines rank their search results based on many varying factors that range from the searcher’s location to how relevant the search engine decides a website is to a specific search. The relevance factor is what content marketing can help take advantage of.

Relevance is determined by comparing keywords that search engines catalog from every website on earth with the words used in a search.

You can capitalize on commonly used keywords pertaining to your business by building them into the copy on your website and by producing written content on your website. The best way to achieve this is via a blog that features high-quality content discussing specific topics that relate to top keywords for your industry. As a result, your site will be deemed more relevant and therefore will be featured higher in search results.

Another important component to consider when it comes to content creation is frequency. Regularly adding new content to your site will help to boost your site in search results. Letting your site’s content get old and stale will most likely result in sub-optimal search rankings. Because blogs are typically updated several times a month, they also help to keep your site fresh and ensure that it is more visible to search engines.

Don’t Be Spammy

While that may sound simple enough, you need to adhere to that high-quality requirement.

When businesses first caught on to the fact that all they needed to do was fill their site with keywords to be highly ranked in search results, every business’ website started looking like a massive spam email. Keywords were everywhere.

In response, search engine companies have developed complex algorithms that take things like “natural tone” and “informational value” into account when determining relevancy.

The best way to make sure you are creating content that both contains and discusses relevant keywords and phrases in a conversational tone that is perceived to be interesting and valuable by your potential customers is to answer important questions.

This is really the key to success. You need to make sure you have the answers to the questions your customers commonly ask and the information they need about your product or service. Again, a blog is the perfect vehicle for this type of content.

By providing your visitors with useful tips, memorable facts, or important information, your site and your business will become their go-to place for your product and the internet’s go-to place for search results.

Digital Content Marketer

Most business owners understandably don’t have the time to carry out a comprehensive content marketing strategy. At GMP, our team has the capability to create unique and relevant content that will make your business stand out online. If you are looking to expand your digital reach through content marketing, contact us today.

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