Graphic design is an exciting career path that I have been lucky enough to pursue. For as long as I can remember growing up, I have always loved learning about and creating art. Although I didn’t take any graphic design classes until my senior year of high school, my graphic design “career” began as a child, spending hours creating new backgrounds in Microsoft Paint for our computer at home. In fact, my whole family still talks about them!

I love graphic design because while it is a form of art, it has become a practical career. As a graphic designer, I can work doing what I love and not have to live as a starving artist. That said, graphic design does come with its own set of challenges.

Being Under Valued

Designing is not always easy! A lot of times, clients under appreciate the value that design brings to a project or their company as a whole. It’s important for clients the role that design plays in communicating a brand. It may seem easy, but there are a number of best practices inherent in the process, making it more pleasing to the eye.

Underestimating Time to Get the Job Done

It’s easy to forget that designers can be working on multiple ongoing projects for different clients (or departments) at once. Clients may wish that a small project be finished or tweaked immediately, yet realistically, I have many other projects on my plate. Altogether, the design process takes a lot of time from research and prep work to the actual artistic design. If you don’t know designer personally, it’s challenging to understand the amount of time that goes into each creation. Because of this, clients tend to undervalue the cost associated with their design and can expect unreasonable turnaround times.

Being Particular

It’s not a bad thing to be picky when it comes to your company’s design, but it can make the whole experience a bit more difficult. Oftentimes, clients may be particular about what they don’t want their design to look like, but have trouble articulating what they do want. In the end, I want a client to get exactly what they’re looking for, but this process can take more time than normally allotted, leading to increased cost.

Being Full of Ideas

Having a lot of ideas is a great starting point when it comes to a design, but it’s helpful to narrow down your ideas a bit before making any next steps with a designer. It becomes much more complicated when a client wants to try a plethora of different ideas when the project timeline only permits time to develop one or two. For example, if you go to a restaurant with a 12-page menu, you’ll probably end up very confused about what you want to eat. With a shorter menu, it’s much simpler to decide on a meal you’ll enjoy. It’s the same with design. Too many options will lead to much confusion.

Overall, these few things have never deterred me from my job as a designer. Like with any job, there are certain projects that make your work week a little more interesting! At Graham Media Partners, our team provides customized design for all of our clients, whether that be through digital content creation or developing print promotion. If you need help with your company’s branding, contact our team today! I look forward to working with you.

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