At GMP, we want to make a difference in the community beyond the daily work that we do for our clients (we also like to follow our own advice when it comes to choosing a good cause to support). Because we are a team of mostly women, we strongly believe in the mission of the Women’s Resource Center (WRC) to help women and girls successfully navigate life’s transitions by providing resources, tools, and support.

Founded in 1975, the WRC began with five women calling a meeting to discuss the issues that women face. The original group established three goals that remain in place to this day:

1) To provide information and referral services to women & families

2) To offer supportive programming workshops

3) To maintain a physical location from which to serve the Greater Philadelphia community

Last year, the GMP team created a marketing plan for the WRC at no charge. On top of that, we provided the volunteers with training on how to prepare and execute a marketing strategy for the future!

This year GMP donated $1,500 to the WRC, which will be put to good use funding their helpline. Their phone service is staffed by 20 volunteers who each work a 3-hour shift every week and answer over 1,400 calls per year. The volunteers help women who have lost their jobs, have gotten divorced and need to figure out how to earn more, who are dealing with children under difficult circumstances, and so much more. You can read a touching client example here.

Visit their website to learn more about the 4,500 annual services that the WRC provides. As a non-profit organization, this amazing team relies on the generosity of people to stay in business. You can donate here to keep their mission alive!

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