At GMP, we believe that all work and no play leads to poor results. We place a high priority on our company culture and on engaging with one another in a variety of fun activities – away from our desks! We were recently trying to select a team-building exercise and we kept coming back to the idea of an Escape Room. This is a pretty popular activity these days (in fact, Addison, our Design Associate, had participated in two different rooms prior to this!), so we wanted to see if we were up to the challenge.

If you haven’t been to an Escape Room, it’s a pretty straightforward experience. Your group picks a room to escape from – each room has a different theme and level of difficulty. Then, you have one hour to solve a series of puzzles using your problem-solving skills and logic. If you solve them all, you escape!

Of course, when we tackle something at GMP, we go all in. We went right for the hardest room at Expedition Escape in King of Prussia. The themed room we chose was Bank Heist. We had to work quickly to escape the room before the cops arrived!

Were we nervous? Yes. Were we skeptical that we’d get out of the room by the end of the hour? Yes. But we weren’t going to let that stop us from trying.

Spoiler alert: We successfully escaped (with a few minutes to spare)!

It was a true team effort. Five members of the GMP team participated, and we all had a role in solving the different puzzles. Each one required a different way of thinking, so while four of us may have been convinced of a particular solution, one person approached the problem differently and got us to the next clue. Other times, we were all actively participating to complete a puzzle as quickly as possible – the more eyes the better. Rarely was there a moment when we weren’t all involved in the process.

It was so much fun! And we were shocked to find out that only 15 percent of the teams escape from that room. We attribute our success to our teamwork. We listened to each other, we helped each other, and we used our unique skillsets. This is the same way we function in the workplace. At GMP, we’re a true team. We all have different strengths (and weaknesses), and our value is in our ability to work together to find the right solution for our clients’ needs.

We had a great time at Expedition Escape and highly recommend the experience as a team-building exercise.

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