It’s no secret that marketing is a fast-paced environment, where you are often working on several projects within a day, each requiring a totally different skillset. It’s also no secret that marketing has undergone a significant digital transformation, meaning that there are a lot of cloud-based tools and platforms available to help us do our jobs more efficiently and effectively and to help us expand our clients’ reach and awareness.

Our team uses a variety of tools every day, and we thought it would be fun to share some of our favorites.

Google Calendar

Other than my email, my calendar is one of the first things I open every day. Our team has access to each other’s calendars, so it’s easy to see what everyone is up to that day and when they’ll be available – or not. I actually have two calendars to help me keep track of my work day. The first shows things I actually have scheduled – blog interviews, meetings, personal appointments, etc. The second shows how I use my time to work on specific tasks, and it also means that I can be available for a meeting if I need to be. This is helpful for the team because if I am not replying to them, it’s pretty easy to see what I’m working on and why I might not be looking at my email or chat. It’s helpful for me because I can clearly see what I can realistically accomplish in a day, and I am able to provide better deadlines for clients (and myself).
 Sarah Weddle, Vice President


 I use Quickbooks to manage all of our accounting and payroll. It makes it super easy to record expenses, invoice clients, receive payments and pay employees and employment taxes. It also connects to your bank and credit cards and imports all of your expenses automatically.
–Steve Graham, Co-Founder and COO


 This app is crucial for keeping the team informed and allowing everyone to collaborate. At GMP we have a few days per week where team members can work from home, so we need tools that allow us to work together seamlessly. Version control is also a big concern, since many of us are working off of the same documents. This app has helped us work together, reduce redundant work, and enables us to always have access to the latest versions of documents.
 Lisa Graham, Co-Founder and CEO


 While Photoshop is mainly used for photo editing and illustration, Illustrator is used for creating vector images, which are high quality and can be scaled up or down without losing quality. I use Illustrator to create logos, charts, diagrams, illustrations, or graphs. This program is a designer’s best friend and an industry standard. It makes anything possible and gives you freedom to create. No other programs have as many editing and creating options and tools as the Adobe programs.
 Addison Ingraham, Graphic Designer

Hubspot’s Blog

I anticipate that clients will ask “why” – why I structured something a specific way, why I put a call to action there, why I worded a headline like that, etc. HubSpot’s content is a great reference. They almost always have data to back up their recommendations so I feel good about trusting what I read.
 Rachel Colello, Director

 Google Drive

Google Drive is essential in my daily work routine. It allows me to update marketing plans in real time, simultaneously alongside my coworkers and clients. I can rest assured that my team is always on the “same page.” This is invaluable since marketing plans change and continue to develop over time.
 Susan Venema, Senior Account Executive


Hootsuite is the primary website we use to manage our clients’ Twitter accounts. The platform gives you a layout of: your tweets, your scheduled tweets, mentions, and any accounts you are following/watching. From here we can schedule, retweet, and favorite with ease – and keep up with news and articles relevant to our clients. Hootsuite simplifies the Twitter platform for anyone who uses it.
Tara Lally, Client Engagement Associate


I use WordPress as a backend editor for all of my clients in order to post blogs or edit website design. In fact, I used WordPress to post this very blog! WordPress has a very intuitive layout, and it was easy for me to learn the ropes when I first joined the GMP team. I am able to copy and paste blogs written by our clients in Word and it automatically formats the blog to fit a client’s website design. Hyperlinks, graphics, and featured images can all be added to spice up the post. There are also many added features and widgets you can add to customize it to meet your needs. 
 Lauren Hanna, Client Engagement Associate


We use Mailchimp as the mass email program for almost all of our clients. It allows us to create customized newsletters that incorporate each company’s branding, messaging, and unique content in a relatively brief period of time. We can make some really great-looking newsletters that can be sent to thousands of people at once and can include graphics and links!
 Nicole Boscia, Director

At GMP, we are always looking for new tools to use in order make our jobs easier. If you have any recommendations for us, or any questions regarding the platforms we use, contact us today!

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