Who doesn’t love a good TV show, book, or podcast recommendation? We definitely do!

We’re always asking each other if we’ve come across anything interesting, and someone on the team usually has a unique find.

So, in case you’re overwhelmed by the options on Netflix or bored by the book your cousin gave you for Christmas, here’s what we are watching, reading, and listening to. Feel free to comment, copy, or even laugh. We don’t mind because we each love our choices.


Watching: I don’t have much time to watch TV, but I do schedule in time to watch one or two episodes of Billions and Silicon Valley each week.

Reading: A friend got me into antique jewelry, so I’m re-reading Understanding Jewelry by Daniela Mascetti and David Bennett. It goes into how world events have influenced jewelry trends and includes a ton of photos.

Listening: My go to podcast is Planet Money. The episodes are the perfect length for a walk around the neighborhood to relax after work.


Watching: Billions, Genius: Picasso, Trust, Westworld … I can be entertained by almost anything as long it’s not horror.

I’ve recently been trying out several Netflix international dramas and thrillers like Suburra, La ManteNobel, The Method, Peaky Blinders, and 3%. Check out the app called “TV Time” to track your favorite shows.

Reading: I have a book on my night stand, it sits there and gets in the way when I need to charge my phone. It’s called The Outsiders and it’s supposed to be a great book about successful but unique CEO’s. I had purchased it for a recent flight, but my son decided he wanted to do 100m dashes down the aisles instead. So, naturally I had to keep track of his split times. I do read a lot of news and motorsports websites.

Listening: I really enjoy 99% Invisible. It tells the back stories of some interesting moments in history. For example, one episode explores the design process of the 1968 Mexico Olympics and its iconic logo and themes.


Watching: I’ve been re-watching ER on Hulu because there’s little I love more than nostalgic television.

Reading: TheNextWeb.com is one of my favorite websites for keeping up with the latest technology news. They publish a lot of content every day, but it’s easy to skim the headlines and hone in on what you want to give more attention to on a given day.

Listening: I’ve been listening to Slow Burn, a podcast from Slate about the Watergate scandal. It’s a miniseries, and the episodes are short, so it’s great to listen to on my commute. So far, it’s been fascinating!


Watching: Santa Clarita Diet. I am only five episodes in, but it’s about a family in California and how their life changes when the mom (Drew Barrymore) becomes a zombie. It’s a comedy and the episodes are short so it’s an easy watch.

Listening: The Lady Gang hosted by Keltie Knight, Jac Vanek, and Becca Tobin. They have celebrities come on to play games, ask them interesting questions, and answer listeners’ questions. It is very much a girly podcast and makes me laugh on my commute.


Watching: The Good Place. It’s such a clever premise, the writing is hilarious, and the actors are all great.

Reading: The Song of Achilles, which is a novel about Achilles and the Trojan War from the perspective of his best friend and lover. It’s a few years old and people raved about it, so I wanted to read it now since a sequel just came out.

Listening: Embedded, which is an NPR podcast that does very deep dives into a diverse range of news stories and other topics. So far, they’ve covered everything from what it’s like to play in the NBA’s minor league to some recent examinations of President Trump’s connections to Russia. I learn so much with each listen!


Reading: Mildly embarrassed to admit it, but I’m re-reading some of my favorite Nora Roberts books. The best way to relax and shut down my brain each night/get ready for summer beach book season.

Listening: The Tony Kornheiser Show (been a fan for the last five years or so – cranky old men are awesome), Origins with James Andrew Miller (my husband just introduced me to these on our road trip – if you like sports, super interesting back stories on the PTI show, ESPN’s 30for30 series etc.), Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations (because she makes me want to be a better, calmer person).

If you’re in need of a changeup in your entertainment game, then feel free to use our recommendations. Find us on social media and let us know what you’re watching, reading, and listening to!

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