Each team member at GMP plays a unique role in providing the best possible service to our clients. To get a sense of how we all got to where we are today, we asked everyone to share how they first got into the industry and what they love about it.

Lisa Graham, Co-Founder and CEO

During an internship in high school, a marketing and public relations agency came in for a pitch. Hearing their ideas on how to brand and market the company’s new product was fascinating to me. My father is an entrepreneur, and I grew up with the dream of running my own company, so mixing marketing with entrepreneurship was a natural fit for me. I love the freedom of being independent and being able to choose the clients we work with – working directly with business owners and other leaders who are passionate about reaching their goals is exciting. And, the combination of the ever-changing field with unique clients means that I’m always learning.

Susan Venema Finnerty, Senior Account Executive

During my freshman year at Bucknell, I took a business course where my classmates and I were tasked with creating a company, branding a product, marketing it, and then selling it for a profit. I held a marketing role within the “company” and greatly enjoyed the entrepreneurial challenges it presented. From that point on, I decided to enroll in the business major, where I could direct my focus on marketing. After completing various marketing internships, including one while abroad in Italy, my desire to enter the industry was further strengthened. I love that every day is different and comes with its own challenges. I’m always learning something new, from both my coworkers and my clients.

Sarah Weddle, Vice President

I majored in communications in college and loved writing but wasn’t sure what to pursue professionally. After considering PhD programs, I instead decided to get my master’s degree, focused on public communication. This was where I really became aware of the broad scope of jobs within the communications industry and the valuable role that marketing plays within all organizations, whether public, private, non-profit, political, etc. At the end of the day, I think this career plays to my strengths in organization, writing, research, and strategy, and I enjoy the challenge of staying relevant with an industry that evolves at a rapid pace. Marketing is never boring, especially at an agency. No day or project is ever alike, and it’s exciting to help companies express their mission and value through strong messaging and supporting materials that support their goals and enable their growth – and mine.

Rachel Colello, Director

I love writing and was a professional writing major in college. When I was weighing my options for career paths, I was drawn to the marketing agency world for the fast-paced, interesting projects, and (honestly) the livable salary, which can be tough in some writing professions. Marketing can often be self-driven, while a marketer has a TON of work thrown at them on any given day, it is up to me to decide how to best manage my time and how to attack any given task or project. I tend to enjoy work where I can be at least partially in the driver’s seat.

Corey Pontz, Graphic Designer

I have been designing since I was nine years old, masterfully Photoshopping my head onto celebrities’ bodies. When I realized I could do this for a living, my mind was blown. Graphic design is a great fit for me because while I enjoy being artistic, pairing art with problem-solving is what makes working in the design field so exciting. It’s more than making things beautiful, it’s about finding the right solution to the problem and every day brings a new challenge.

Addison Ingraham, Graphic Designer

I decided I wanted to become a graphic designer early on in high school. I have always loved being creative and took as many art classes as possible growing up and then continued my education at Tyler School of Art, Temple University. But I also like to be practical and a lot of art is not useful in everyday life; that is what lead to working at a marking company. I get to be creative but my art is used for practical applications. It’s also is nice to work at a marketing company because we have many clients which leads to all different types of projects vs working at a singular company and being pigeonholed into one style or one application.

Tara Lally, Client Engagement Associate

I decided to pursue a career in marketing because I love the partnering of creativity and strategy. The industry is fast-paced, always changing, and is evergreen to society. I love how self-driven this profession is. You will always be working with other people; yet, your success will be dictated by the amount of time you dedicate to your work.

Lauren Hanna, Client Engagement Associate

I decided to try out an internship at Graham Media Partners after seeing a job opening posted through Villanova University. I previously had no experience in the marketing industry and the opportunity came at a time where I was at a crossroads and didn’t know where I wanted my professional career to take me. I immediately fell in love with the type of work we do here for clients, ranging from publishing blog posts to designing an email newsletter template. No two days have ever been the same for me while working here, and I am so thankful to have learned so much from the experience!

As you can tell, we have all had a positive experience in the marketing industry and would recommend this line of work if you love to express your creativity! If you have any further questions about working in marketing or you are interested in pursuing a career in marketing yourself, contact us today!

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