Successful marketing requires honesty.

Find out how you can help ensure that you won’t waste your money on efforts that aren’t delivering results.

Effective marketing requires a strategy. Not surprising, right? It’s difficult to achieve outcomes without building a strong foundation to support your execution. Evaluating your current situation, identifying your target audience, defining your goals – this information should guide everything you do. Your marketing plan is the roadmap you build based on that guide. This is what will drive success.

The truth is that marketing can be a waste of time and money – just like anything else. But, that’s only the case if you’re not investing in the right things. When you’re working with a marketing firm, its recommendations should be based on research, experience, and general expertise, and its plan should be designed to achieve your goals. A firm worth your investment won’t waste your money on efforts that aren’t delivering results. We call this honest marketing.

There are firms that will execute work just because you ask them to – even if they know it’s not the best way forward. There are firms that will include certain tactics in their plan just to drive up their billable hours. There are also firms that will continue to deliver the status quo without considering if any changes should be made. These same firms may even misrepresent their metrics to explain away a lack of results.

We’re not that firm. We are invested in your success, and we want you to achieve your goals, so, we are always honest about what works and what doesn’t.

  • We think carefully and strategically about what we suggest – and why.
  • We’re not afraid to push back when we feel like something isn’t a good use of time – yours or ours.
  • We measure against our goals – which are directly tied to the goals of your business – and we don’t obscure our results.
  • We clearly evaluate our success and adapt. This is constant. What has worked for a long time, may not always work. It’s necessary to make tweaks and even sweeping changes to get results.

If you don’t feel like your marketing team is delivering value, ask to learn more about its strategy, its plan, and its results. Have deep conversations about where you want to go and how you think you can get there – and then listen to team’s responses. Successful marketing requires honesty. It requires careful execution. It requires ongoing evaluation. Find a firm who you can trust and that will invest in your success.

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