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Perfect Pitch: How to Tell Your Story

When we ask financial advisors about how they market themselves, we’re often met with awkward silence and shrugs. Many aren’t comfortable talking about themselves, don’t know how to share what sets them apart, or just don’t know where to begin.

But here’s the rub: When you look at advisor websites and branding, there’s an industry-wide lack of differentiation and personality. In a world where clients want to choose their flavor of ice cream, in many cases, they see vanilla as their only option.

How can you communicate who you are in a compelling way to your potential clients? A personal, engaging elevator pitch is the best place to start.

While your clients surely don’t want you to talk about yourself throughout your professional relationship, a short and compelling elevator pitch can help them get to know you quickly. This brief narrative should tell your listeners what inspired you to start your firm and position you as the hero of the story.  And, most importantly, keep it short!

Here’s a simple formula to follow:

  1. Begin rooted in the real world. What was your “before” that led you to where you are now?
  2. Talk about the conflict. What was the issue that arose, or an issue you noticed, that you decided to fix?
  3. Finish in the present. Where did you emerge?


In practice, this formula might give you an elevator pitch like GMP’s:

Lisa worked for several years at a large financial services company, a little fish in a big pond. She learned a lot about the marketing business, but she felt boxed in by what she couldn’t do for clients and big ideas she wasn’t able to execute. So, she co-founded Graham Media Partners. For almost 10 years now, running this company has allowed her to deliver creative ideas to clients and offer boutique, customized solutions. 

For potential clients, it’s about getting a flavor of who you are and what it would be like to work with you. At GMP, we work hard to create firm branding and websites that convey personality and differentiate advisors from the rest of the field. We’d love to help you tell your story – get in touch today!

Want to hear more like this? Check out Lisa on the latest episode of the Cannon Curve podcast where she talks about storytelling and other marketing advice for financial advisors.

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