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Quinnipiac University student
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Carleigh Beck

Marketing/Social Media Intern

A student with a passion for all things communications and Philly sports. You can find me walking out of a library with too many books or enjoying long walks and hikes. I love talking about concerts and my favorite musicians, including Fall Out Boy, AJR, and (especially) Taylor Swift!

A native of the Philadelphia suburbs, Carleigh is a Quinnipiac University student in the 3+1 program (Bachelor’s in three years, Master’s in one) in the School of Communications. She anticipates receiving a B.A. in media studies/communications and journalism in spring 2025 and an M.S. in public relations in spring 2026. 

Carleigh recently completed a semester away in Washington, D.C., with a social media/communications internship in the health industry. In addition to her studies, Carleigh is the Associate News Editor for the school newspaper, The Quinnipiac Chronicle, and a member of the Gamma Phi Beta sorority, where she’s held various appointed positions. With a particular interest in social media and writing, she is excited to dive into the world of financial services and marketing!