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A Look at 2024: 5 Trends We’re Tracking in Financial Services Marketing

At Graham Media Partners, we’re always thinking ahead about what’s next for marketing in the financial services space. The landscape is changing fast, and keeping up with current trends is how we stay at the forefront of our clients’ needs. Here are the biggest trends we expect to influence our marketing planning in 2024. 

Video Marketing

One of the most engaging and interesting ways to share content on social media is with video, and it’s only going to grow this year.

On social platforms like LinkedIn, dynamic communication and videos are always the most effective ways to build brand awareness, share personality, and tell stories. Financial services professionals and wealth managers have a huge opportunity to connect with customers through personalized video content- think video profiles of employees, fun stories about personal finance, and entertaining clips that make audiences laugh while getting to know your brand.

Artificial Intelligence

Generative AI, if you use it in the right ways, can save you time and make your communication and marketing efforts more effective. But it’s important to remember that the human has the final say!

The finance industry is increasingly embracing AI to streamline tasks such as analyzing data and creating content, social media, and graphics. Customers are still on the fence: 62% say they’re unlikely to engage with obviously AI-generated content. AI holds lots of promise, but at this point, we still need humans to put their touch on content. 

Focus on What Works

There are so many social media platforms – advisors need to commit to one or two rather than doing a little bit on each one.

Financial firms typically thrive on LinkedIn and Instagram. Beyond those champion platforms, the ROI is less obvious on apps like X, TikTok, and Threads. When you’re thinking about a marketing strategy, focus on the key platforms and let go of the less relevant ones. Consider what platform your target audience is on and create valuable content for them to engage with. 


One of the top reasons why people use social media is to be entertained and mentally unwind.

Social media, at its heart, is entertaining and relaxing. That’s why people spend so much time on it, and it’s something to keep in mind when financial organizations decide to create and share content. Self-promotion or overly stodgy, buttoned-up posts just aren’t inviting to users and prospective clients. Financial advisors who can post entertaining content while staying true to their brand can make a huge impact.


Collaborations with finance-focused influencers can effectively reach younger audiences.

With Gen Z coming into the financial marketplace, advisors are looking to connect with these new investors. Advisors and financial firms can gain legitimacy and credibility using financial influencers – or “finfluencers” as spokespeople to explain market trends, promote financial literacy and wellness, and raise important topics. 

Is there any new marketing effort we can help you get off the ground in 2024? Give us a call today and let GMP create a cutting-edge strategy for you to connect with your clients. 

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