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Our Top 5 Podcasts for Financial Advisors

International Podcast Day is a great opportunity to share with you some of our favorite podcasts designed especially for financial advisors. So, we asked the GMP team what podcast would they recommend, and why? Check out these client podcasts that will help broaden your industry knowledge!

The Deep Dive: “I love Jay Hummel’s Deep Dive podcast. Jay has incredibly personal, candid conversations with thought leaders in the industry. In under 30 minutes, Jay and his guests get to the core issues of relevant hot topics.” – Lisa Graham, GMP Co-founder and CEO

The Cannon Curve: “The Cannon Curve, a podcast from Cannon Financial Institute’s Phil Buchanan, is a perfect way to wrap up your month. Phil interviews business leaders, thought leaders, and inspirational figures who share their wisdom and guidance on complex leadership topics.” – Jim Dougherty, Senior Director

Secrets to Scale: “Secrets to Scale is a must-listen podcast for RIAs looking to grow and stand out in a crowded space. Alli Jordan, President and COO of LibertyFi, and her guests empower RIAs so they can focus on client relations and scalable growth.” -Krista Corrao, Senior Director

Monday Morning Mojo: “Phil Buchanan’s Monday Morning Mojo is the best way to start off each week and reset mentally. Episodes are short — typically 5 minutes or less — and pack a punch. Phil’s personal stories are inspiring and thought-provoking.” – Natalie McManus, Vice President

The Active Advisor: “Harbor’s Active Advisor podcast interviews advisors, firm founders, CEOs, and successful innovators in the industry to learn how their firm was started, how it’s grown, and what their vision for the future looks like.” – Sally Ricker, Director

Why we love a good podcast

Podcasts not only offer on-the-go learning opportunities but also foster a sense of community and networking within the financial industry, allowing advisors to connect with peers and mentors worldwide, ultimately enriching their professional expertise and success. With a great host and guest, you can think about things in a new light, gather useful insights into trends, and gain actionable takeaways.

How do you listen to podcasts?

If you still haven’t listened to a podcast, now’s the time. They’re widely available on any music streaming service platform, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, YouTube, and the Play Music app for Android users. They’re great to listen to during commutes, tedious yardwork, and chores, or casual walks.

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