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Graduate of Villanova University
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Lisa Graham

Co-Founder & CEO

Mom of two boys, Tripp and Jack. Morning person. Lover of sunshine, sleep, and scrambled eggs. My favorite part of the day is walking my boys to school at 7:30am. My favorite part of work is our team of collaborative, supportive (and smart!) people.”

A graduate of Villanova University, Lisa and her husband founded Graham Media Partners in 2014. Growing up with an entrepreneur father, Lisa always dreamed of owning her own company, and she pursued a career path to help her fulfill that dream. Backed by a strong record of success, a growing base of clients, and the desire to take a chance, Graham Media Partners came to life.

As CEO of the company, Lisa plays a key role in the day-to-day execution of work, as well as in growing the company in line with her vision for the future. She takes great pride in her team’s ability to meet the needs of their clients while prioritizing relationships, creativity, and work-life balance.

Under Lisa’s leadership, Graham Media Partners has worked with more than 100 financial services companies, including fintechs, broker-dealers, product manufacturers, asset managers, consulting and education firms, insurance brokers, RIAs and financial advisors, and more.