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Graduate of Villanova University
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Lisa Graham

Co-Founder & CEO

Mom of two boys, Tripp and Jack. Morning person. Lover of sunshine, sleep, and scrambled eggs. My favorite part of the day is walking my boys to school at 7:30am. My favorite part of work is our team of collaborative, supportive (and smart!) people.”

Lisa is the co-founder and CEO of Graham Media Partners. Before creating GMP, she spent many years in global organizations working her way up the corporate ladder and honing her marketing expertise. She knew she could better serve her clients’ interests in a smaller, more agile agency. So, inspired by her entrepreneur father, Lisa and her husband, Steve, co-founded GMP in 2014.

Graham Media Partners was born out of a vision to deliver exceptional marketing and PR services while fostering a workplace that champions the contributions of women and paves the way for a strong work-life balance. Lisa brings to the table a unique combination of marketing experience in the financial sector and innovative leadership that strives to create more inclusive opportunities. Under her leadership, GMP has thrived, showing consistent, steady growth and servicing over 120 financial entities including fintechs, broker-dealers, RIAs, financial advisors, and more.

As CEO, Lisa runs the day-to-day operations and oversees the strategic growth of the company. She prides herself on cultivating a team that routinely exceeds client expectations through creativity, dedication, and strong relationships. Her leadership style, backed by deep financial industry and strategic marketing knowledge, allows her to cultivate new talent, guide her team, and create strong client relationships.